Kellie Leczinska

Kellie is an award winning Fine Art Photographer.  Her inspiration comes from her interest and study in art history and practice in painting and drawing.  She best describes herself as an artist with a camera, due to the design and planning that goes into her work well before pressing the shutter.

Kellie spent her formative years overseas, but her most memorable childhood adventures were in the highlands of PNG.  It was here Leczinska developed a love of nature and an appreciation of indigenous culture;  a way of seeing the human form in its natural unguarded state.   She finds the creation of a photograph an emotional response, whether working with still life or human figure; she is attuned to the spiritual connection with it.  Her influences draw upon classical painting; loading her images with symbolism - intentionally blurring the lines of reality to bring the fantasy and dreaming to the viewer.  She uses the camera as a tool to paint with light and colour.  Her empathetic eye explores many themes, in particular social commentary, conservation, portraiture and human form.  Often her images challenge the viewer with menacing beauty. 


Kellie's work is held in private and corporate collections both in Australia and Internationally.

Only a small selection of available work is shown on this site.

Please contact - to arrange a private viewing of printed work.

Kellie is also available for privately commissioned work upon request.